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BJA PRO (Premiere Real Estate Offerings) was formed with the express purpose to invest in real estate. The president of BJA PRO, Benjamin J. Johnson, III is an Atlanta native, graduate of Morehouse College, and a senior entertainment executive with over 20 years in operations, marketing and management for one of America’s top touring family shows.

As a passive investor in 721 units and an active member of a multi-family program that has closed on thousands of doors with over $1.5 Billion in assets, Benjamin has access to the resources, experience, and knowledge base to syndicate deals as a member of a sponsorship team. As a lifelong resident of Atlanta, Benjamin is very familiar with the Atlanta submarkets, as well as many of the secondary and tertiary markets within a 3 hour drive, and will serve as the boots on the ground for sponsorship teams.

Modern Villa


We'll discuss investment goals, strategies, family, hobbies, and how we can work together.

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