Just as many others in the REI space, Benjamin began with a single family house renovation project.  During the tenuous rehab process, he discovered that ownership of large multi-family properties is achievable by individuals and non-institutional firms with syndication. Though the ugly duckling house eventually became a beautiful swan, Benjamin is leading  BJA PRO solidly down the multi-family investment path.

After joining a national multi-family business program program in November 2017, Benjamin made his initial multifamily investment in February 2018 as a limited partner of a group that acquired 19Twenty, a 184 unit complex in Denton, Texas, which is a thriving submarket of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

In June 2018, an investment was consummated as passive  member of a private equity group which acquired two apartment complexes in San Antonio under one portfolio.  Horizon Hills with 273 units and Knoll Crest (formerly Northgate Village) with 264 units.