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Benjamin began the REI journey renting a single family house in 2011 followed by a single family renovation years later.  During the tenuous rehab process, he searched for ways to scale up and discovered that ownership of commercial real estate is achievable by individuals and non-institutional businesses. After selling the single family flip, Benjamin pivoted to solely investing in commercial real estate, specifically multifamily apartments.

After joining a national multi-family business program program in November 2017, Benjamin made his initial multifamily investment in February 2018 as a limited partner of a group that acquired 19Twenty, a 184 unit complex in Denton, Texas, which is a thriving submarket of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Later in 2018, Benjamin invested as a limited partner of a private equity group which acquired two apartment complexes in San Antonio.  Horizon Hills with 273 units and Knoll Crest with 264 units.

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